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New in Akko – Regular Ferry from Akko to Haifa and back!

ferry from akko to haifa

There is a Ferry that brings you to Haifa and departs from the new terminal at the Marina in the city of Old Akko to the Haifa Port. This is great! Because you can now easily visit the Bahai Gardens in Haifa when you stay in the old picturesque city of Akko.

Directions of departure Ferry from Haifa to Akko

Exit from gate 5 to Haazmaut Street nearby the Train Station Haifa Center-HaShmona.

The Ferry to Old Akko departs from Haifa Port passengers’ terminal, pier 4 or 7 to Old Akko new terminal at the Marina.

Departure times

Cruises from Akko to Haifa – departure times:


Cruises from Haifa to Akko – departure times:


Price list

Return Ticket 55 NIS per person
One way Ticket Akko to Haifa 30 NIS per person.
One way Ticket Haifa to Akko 30 NIS per person.

For more information:

Malkat Akko Corporation Ltd.
Akko Visitors Center and Reservations You can pre-book at: 972-4-9956706/7
Website: www.malkatakko.co.il

On Weekdays Ticket can be purchased an hour before departure, depends on availability.
On Weekends and Holydays Tickets can be purchased an hour and a half before departure.

Ticket purchasing is available up until 30 minutes prior to departure.
Purchasing is available by cash or credit cards.

Old Akko an Historic site in North Israël

Stay at our Hotel in Akko, Israël

Akkommodation welcomes you to enjoy the diversity of Old AKko

Akkommodation provides a place to stay for visitors of Old Akko. It’s location is unique, as it lays just beside the outer wall of Akko. Our hotel in Akko is just one minute away from the sea, facing three of the best restaurants of Old Acre. When passing the gate of the wall of Akko, a breathtaking view on the mountain of Haifa and the Mediterranean sea awaits you. In just a two minute walk you can visit the port and take exciting or rather relaxing boat trips.

It’s possible to stay at our place from two to seven persons. During your visit you can explore the picturesque narrow lanes and ancient walls of Old Acre and enjoy all the fun activities Akko has to offer you.

The Center is located in the Enchanted Garden, which embodies the charms of Acre and the Western Galilee and their many attractions.
Akkommodation serves tourists visiting Acre, the Western Galilee, the Upper Galilee, Haifa and the Carmelim region.

The Enchanted Garden provides services such as:

  • Reservations & tickets for tourist attractions.
  • Information regarding trail routes, historical information and local guided tours.

The Center is also equipped with computers and internet which makes it possible to obtain and print online information.

But what really makes it worthwhile for you to make a visit to the Garden, is that the Center hosts a permanent exhibition of archeological findings discovered in the Hospitaller compound “The Knights Halls” and houses two screening halls equipped with ‘state of the art’ projection equipment where you can watch a brief movie about the history of Old Acre. And last but not least, the garden itself is just beautiful and an ideal place to recover from your trip in the shade.

Visit the Visitors' Center site for more information

Video of Old Acre

This video is made just minutes away from our accommodation in Akko. Watch this video to get a glimpse of the enchanting streets Akko has to offer!

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Akko History


Akko (Acre) is a beautiful picturesque city, with its authentic narrow lanes which has existed continuously for about 4,000 years. Its beginning was in Tel Akko, more commonly known as Napoleon Hill.
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